I don’t know what I want anymore.

I don’t know if I want a relationship. I don’t know if I can deal with peoples emotions.

I’m not good at accepting compliments, not good at receiving cute texts, or polite gestures.

I don’t know anything anymore. Sometimes I like you, sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes sometimes sometimes.

Never all the time.. 

This is difficult for me, because I never want to hurt anyone. Ever. 

I never meant to.. 

It’s all my fault, honestly. Nothing wrong with anyone else, I’m just unsure of life. 

Do I want to be with a guy right now? A girl right now?

Do I want a relationship? Do I want to hook up? 

What the fuck do I want? I couldn’t tell you.

If a certain someone is happens to read this, I’m sorry. 

I’m a pain in the ass, I told you that. 

I’m clearly not ready.

School sucks though, thought I’d throw that into this rant. 

I hate geometry more than anything. Psychology is bearable, as is Biology. I hate spanish. I’m alone in Photography because everyone hates me, I deserve it. English is so boring, but it’s been going by faster lately. History is bearable. 

I’m hardly getting by anymore.. I don’t know how I function. I’m tired all the time. Of everything.. In sooo many ways..

I’m going to continue to sing The Little Mermaid like I have been for the passed 3 days because of Melanie.

K, goodbye.

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